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Social Security, the “third rail” of retirement financing, offers more than meets the eye. It also provides auxiliary benefits — dependent benefits and survivors benefits — to the spouses, former spouses, widow(er)s, children and parents of retired, disabled or deceased workers. A recently updated... READ MORE
A new report by the Government Accountability Office calls on federal regulators to clarity the rules regarding the transfers of unclaimed savings from employer-based 401(k) plans to the states.  In “Federal Action Needed to Clarify Tax Treatment of Unclaimed 401(k) Plan Savings Transferred to... READ MORE
Plan loan features in DC plans can encourage workers to participate in the plan. But the rules governing plan loans can be complicated, and mistakes can be made. A recent ASPPA webcast offered a look at common plan loan mistakes and how to correct them, using case studies to illustrate. In “St.... READ MORE
We recently celebrated Valentine’s Day; perhaps you saw one of those increasingly ubiquitous advertisements for a certain online florist. Now, I’ve used that particular service on many an occasion over the past several years; they are not only convenient, they deliver a quality product, and on... READ MORE
A recent study analyzing common language used to describe features of defined contribution plans reveals an apparent disconnect between what plan sponsors are saying and what participants are hearing. As part of the study, Invesco, along with Maslansky + Partners, conducted participant focus... READ MORE
The ratification of the 22nd amendment in 1951 may limit U.S. Presidents’ tenure, but that doesn’t mean their influence over a host of areas ends when their terms of office do. And that includes retirement readiness. In “How 5 U.S. Presidents Continue to Influence Your Retirement Readiness Today... READ MORE
“Fiduciaries that manage employer-sponsored benefits plans will likely get sued no matter what they do.” Thus begins a request from a number of retirement industry groups – including the American Retirement Association – that the U.S. Supreme Court weigh in on a controversial fiduciary case. Said... READ MORE
The average lifespan now is much longer than it was for previous generations. That’s good news! But that half-full glass has effects beyond the obvious. Among them: posing challenges and complications for retirement accounts and planning, which a recent analysis examines.  In “How Life Expectancy... READ MORE
The Oregon Treasury on Feb. 16 filed a notice of proposed rulemaking, including a statement of need and fiscal impact, for a rule that would amend OregonSaves to allow a presumption of employer exemption.  The proposed amendments would:  Allow OregonSaves officials to use the federal Form 5500 to... READ MORE
Two key members of Congress are interested in learning more about potential threats cyberattacks pose to the U.S. retirement system and what industry stakeholders are doing to address them. In a Feb. 12 letter to the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), ranking... READ MORE