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ERISA Outline Book

The 2019 Version of the "ERISA Outline Book" is coming out in March!

The ERISA Outline Book (EOB) is both a reference book and a study guide on qualified plans, presented in outline format and fully indexed. Thousands of pension professionals use it as a primary pension resource. With ASPPA's EOB the answers to every day questions and the most difficult client issues are at your fingertips.

ASPPA's EOB consists of 9 indexed volumes and is available in both print and easy to navigate online products. The print version is updated annually while the online subscriptions include quarterly updates for the most recent content at your fingertips. Various single user and multi-user licenses provide solutions for both individual practitioners and larger firms. 

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2018 Print Edition Updates

  • Pension-related provisions in the Tax Cut and Jobs Act  
  • IRS guidance on issues regarding certain compensation-based cash balance formulas 
  • Latest Cumulative List for pre-approved plans 
  • Latest Required Amendments List for individually-designed plans 2018 update of determination letter procedures & user fees 
  • Informal IRS guidance on loan limits and installment payment defaults 
  • Delay of certain PT exemption conditions re: fiduciary regulations
  • FAQs on transition period under fiduciary-related PT exemptions 
  • Guidance on 408(b)(2) during transition period under Best Interest Contract Exemption 
  • PBGC missing participant program for DC plans 
  • IRS position on failure to make RMDs to missing participants 
  • New prototype approval procedures Mortality assumption regulations and approval procedures 
  • Automatic approval procedure for certain funding method change 
  • New procedure for approval of changes in funding method 
  • State-mandated IRA savings programs: Congressional nullification of regs 
  • Remedial amendment period for 403(b) plans 
  • The latest pension-related court cases from the Supreme Court and the Federal Courts
  • Disaster relief for 2017 hurricanes and wildfires 
  • Updated dollar limits for 2018; latest 401(k) testing checklist
  • IRS guidelines on substantiation of hardship withdrawals